Sunday, September 5, 2010

(9/3) Lake Underhill House Show

Last Friday, Eamon Ford organized a house show consisting of The Spookfish, Totally Nebular, Emily Reo, Dark Sea of Awareness, and Hear Hums. Good vibrations everywhere, really nice event. Each band played in a different location in the house; everyone moving from space to space was a really interesting element to the night. The Spookfish played in the music room to start the night off. Emily Reo and Dark Sea of Awareness both played in the kitchen. We played in the corner of the screened in patio. Lastly, Totally Nebular played on the opposite side of the patio near the door to the house. Fortunetly, Danny Mcguire filmed some of it.

Above is Emily Reo's set, accompanied by Steve of Dark Sea of Awareness.

Totally Nebular playing some good jams. Always intergrating themselves into the crowd as they play, and a finale of each jumping in the pool.

The power went out during the begining of our set, pretty funny.


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