Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Timothy Gordon Hicks - The Riftless Sift

This past summer, Timothy Gordon Hicks--who's project Mandragora Dream was recently blogged about--made available a release of live ambient jams performed between the months of April and May titled The Riftless Sift. You may find yourself lost in nostalgia and from the first track at least reminded of melodic scales from bands like Explosions In The Sky, but far more ambient and soundscape-like. The rest of the songs follow in a dark, meditative, chant-like manner. At times, the juxaposition of blissfullness and sorrowed strings bleed together achieving a similarity to what was brilliant about Mandragora Dream.

<a href="">Crystal Lake, Broward County by Mandragora Dream</a>

Make sure to download The Riftless Sift because it's free!

His most recent release, released in August of this year, is titled Soundtrack To A Projection Ghost, we'll cover that soon, download it now if you'd like.

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