Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fill Spectrum

Fill Spectrum is an experimental project of a guy named Kevin from Jacksonville, Florida. I got the chance to see him perform with a friend as Fill Spectrum at the Laboratory last weekend for an Electronic Sub South/Action Research show. The performance was a hused ambience with subtle nature sounds drenched in wet delay, and reverby keyboard drones. Fill Spectrum's release An Open Entrance Into A Closed Palace is released on Cassette through Animal Image Search, which has also released the cassette version of Universal Studios Florida's Ocean Sunbirds as well as the vinyl release for Prince Rama's Architecture of Utopia.

Above is the performance from last weekend at the Laboratory.

An Open Entrace Into A Closed Palace is a little more textured and progressing than the live performance, with a lot of different tranisitions and tasteful sounds. Make sure to download it and get it on cassette if you're really feeling it.



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