Monday, November 15, 2010

Skeletron Ball 2

Skeletron Ball is a festival set up around Halloween each year by JT Bringardner (Oh Fortuna, Rabbit Punch, Spirit Tramp). Last weekend was the second Skeletron Ball, it was really great to have bands I enjoy play back to back for three days straight. Luckily some of it was filmed.

Lighthouse Music is one of the bands I'm most excited about. They are all skilled at an array of different instruments and make a really interesting type of music.

birdfeeder played some new songs along with some of my old favorites. He has been working on a lot of new material and to my knowledge a new album is close to completion.

Dark Sea of Awareness played one of the best sets I've ever seen of his at Skeletron Ball. A perfect mix of flowy ambient guitar parts and feel-good beatness.

Praything ^

IRONJEW was a collab performance of Ironing and Lissajou, combining the 8-bit gameboy world with broken record scratching noise.

Spirit Tramp's performance involved help of friend musicians to make a full band sound.

Free Space was a collab performance of Hal McGee and Keaton Orsborn walking around a space tinkering with Monotrons through portable amps.

Black Circle Boys were a witch-house sounding group, had a cool creepy sound.

Nervous Systems ^

Roamer ^

^ Telethon

^ Morningbell. This guy had the nicest sounding bass guitar. The singer, Travis I believe is his name, can hit some serious high notes.

Teepee ^

Read an interview with Teepee on Ana(b)log.

There was even a puppet show.

^ The HiFI Evenlope

Sleepover ^

^ Panther God

Reviews of the first two nights of Skeletron can be found on Ana(b)log.

Skeletron Ball 2 Night 1 of 3
Skeletron Ball 2 Night 2 or 3

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