Tuesday, January 11, 2011

mp3: Forest Clay - Hexagon Necklace

With what originally began as a remix to our song "Hexagon", I'm pleased to present the first new material from Forest Clay since Vernal Pools, a full-length dating back to 2009. "Hexagon Necklace" is an emotionally charged track that was born from a sample of our song "Hexagon", then growing into it's own world with lyrics and melodies bursting out from the bottled up songwriter.

Forest Clay - Hexagon Necklace

When Totally Nebular aren't actively performing, they are working on their own projects. Gabriel, Tree Hopping, released The Beat Band a few months ago, and Weston, God Boat's album Beautiful Caps will be out shortly. Eddie Roqueta, Forest Clay, is working on a musical piece that will be accompanied by a film. I hear the music is pretty much wrapped up, and while filming for that project, he will be releasing more "song"/pop stuff like "Hexagon Necklace" which will be released separately as a new album sometime around May.


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