Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Claire Boucher is Grimes from Montreal, Canada. Her melody makers and textures are acousticy at times, with slightly danceable electronic pulsations atop. Some grooves feel distant and drenched in reverb, maybe somewhat resembling 80s pop feels. Her vocals feel small and hushed ranging in style over her dark and lighter moods.

Grimes is currently on a U.S. tour with Doldrums and will be in Gainesville on Thursday, March 10th at the Laboratory.

The above tracks are from 2010's Geidi Primes out on Arbutus.

Below are the rest of Grimes/Doldrums tour dates, via Snakes + Ladders:

March 4 Montreal, QC – Espace Reunion w/ Pat Jordache, Cousins, DJ Andrew WK
March 7 Brooklyn, NY – Silent Barn w/ Alaskas, Eola
March 8 Baltimore, MD – Copycat
March 9 Athens, GA – Farm 255 w/ Prince Rama, Quiet Hooves
March 10 Gainesville, FL – the Laboratory w/ Hear Hums
March 11 Baton Rouge, LA – Red Star w/ the Have-Nauts
March 12 New Orleans, LA
March 15 SXSW, TX Grimes @ The Spill w/ Diamond Rings, Esben & The Witch
March 16 SXSW, TX Doldrums @ Club 1808 w/ Rich Aucoin, Zoobombs
March 17 SXSW, TX Doldrums @ Havana w/ Japanther, Neon Windbreaker (We Are Busy Bodies Showcase)
March 18 SXSW, TX Grimes&Doldrums @ The Spill w/ Pat Jordache, Sean Nicholas Savage
March 18 SXSW, TX Grimes @ Gorilla Vs. Bear Showcase
March 19 SXSW, TX Grimes @ Club Deville w/ Gobble Gobble, Braids (Pop Montreal Showcase)
March 19 SXSW, TX Doldrums @ 2109 Scenic Dr w/ Gobble Gobble
March 20 Shreveport, LA – Dalzell House w/ Rich Aucoin, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
March 21 Pensacola, FL – Cool Town USA! w/ Rich Aucoin, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
March 22 Athens, GA – Farm255
March 23 Bloomington, IN
March 24 Detroit, MI – North End Studios
March 25 Sarnia, ON – Trinity Lounge
March 26 Toronto, ON – Everlasting Joy

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