Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leaving Records Presents: Sample Based Life

Forrest Reiff (Off Balance Atlas) has just released the first volume of a project titled Sample Based Life. Forrest
uploaded a library of different samples online for musicians to incorporate into their creative process and build a song from.
The first volume features: Leo Bascjit, Sumsun, 10th Letter, Dog Bite, EMV, Keepbullfighting, Hear Hums, DJ Quap, An Imaginary History of Algebra, MezZo, Grass Mirror, DJ Slayer, Great Beer, Geert Wijns, Filthy Ingredients, KAZE, ProfLogik, Geert Wijns, Ackryte, Bitesize Beats, DTCPU, Abel.
If you pay $8 for Volume One on bandcamp, you'll get a hand-made tape crafted and shipped to you by Forrest himself.

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