Friday, January 13, 2012

Black Dice Announce Album - Mr. Impossible

Domino offshoot Ribbon Music is releasing Black Dice's forthcoming sixth studio album, Mr. Impossible. To quote the press statement on the album's preorder page: "Bridging a divide between the thrashings of punk and trance music, Mr. Impossible takes itself serious, breathes with melody and revels in a let loose , wild out , fuck off good time. Sound nuts? Well, it's not. This is easy to enjoy fun for all frontier music!" Mr. Impossible drops April 10th in the US, and April 9th everywhere else.

Above is a video directed by the band for their song "Pigs" from the forthcoming album. Preorder Mr. Impossible on vinyl.


01. Pinball Wizard
02. Rodriguez
03. The Jacker
04. Pigs
05. Spy Vs. Spy
06. Outer Body Drifter
07. Shithouse Drifter
08. Carnitas
09. Brunswick Sludge (Meets Front Range Tripper)

Black Dice - Pigs

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