Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bermuda Triangles

Bermuda Triangles is a band from Richmond, Virginia. Taken from the Free Music Archive,  Bermuda Triangles "are a 4-man rhythm cult. Drum worship/ sax and drugs/ junk electronics....starting as the solo project of Jason Hodges. After operating for a couple of years, playing a hand full of shows, and releasing 2 split releases (a split 7 inch w/ Tickley Feather and a split CD with Yoko Boner) Jared Young and Bill Porter joined BTs. In March 2009 the band self-recorded the "Giant Squid" demo CD EP on a 4-track cassette recorder. In May 2009 Sean Cassidy joined Bermuda Triangles on saxophone/effects/ ribbon synth/ backing vox. "Reptilian Intervention" released on April 23rd 2010 was the first document of the 4-piece line-up. 
In 2011, Tony Lynch replaced Jared and now in 2012 the "Transmissions" cassette is about to be released and an LP will be coming out this summer.
They have toured around the east coast and through the south as far as Texas various times (by themselves and tours with Head Molt, I Need Sleep, and Caves Caverns".

Bermuda Triangles - Bloo
Bermuda Triangles - Riddles in the Sand

Purchase the Reptilian Intervention LP from CNP Records.


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