Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marina Orchestra

Marina Orchestra is a band from Knoxville. Taken from Marina Orchestra's biography: "Marina Orchestra is inspired by music from all over the world, and there is an inherent jubilance that the sun-soaked eleven piece group radiates.... It’s exotic, yet familiar. It’s a love of global music filtered through the ears of “indie rock” kids. It’s ripe with homages and a well-rounded respect for the whole history of music. But mostly, it’s a party.

The Marina project came about when Knoxvillian Justin Powers decided to channel his deep-seated love of African and Caribbean music into a band that would shake things up. There was an entire world of blaring brass instruments, dancing back up singers and wild handed percussionists that he longed to see on stage every night. Soon enough the ever expanding Marina Orchestra was quickly finding a way into everyone's schedule. 'The only reason I do this, is to look up and see the whole room dancing,' says Powers, 'That’s all that I need.'"

If you are familiar and enjoy work from Wingsuit and Dirty Projectors, you would probably love this band.

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