Monday, June 18, 2012

Ben Varian

Ben Varian is a musician from Tallahasee, Florida. He is a part of the collective Werepossum, which began as a band and evolved into a website and a grouping of musicians that often collaborate and contribute to each others' projects.
I had heard 2010's Keeping Track of Time months ago and had been anticipating new material. In February of this year Ben put out his first full length, Potassium. Ben had this to say about the album:

 "I decided to group together the EPs I've released along with some new songs to make one cohesive album.

I admit this is headphone music, USB microphone, soft-focus music. The music asks you to listen to it a few times so that you can find the little blips and blops and secrets that I've hidden in there, but doesn't insist because it recognizes that you've got things to do and you've got your own thoughts to wrangle with. The music insinuates and gyrates and talks around the subject because the subject isn't something that can be talked about directly. There are plenty of mentions of "it" on this album, and "it" is something, but it's scientifically impossible for me to tell you what it is, exactly. All I can do is approximate the sensation of "it" and layer sounds upon sounds with ever-decreasing fidelity and hope that you have a moment to dig through them and unearth my goofy impressions of holy moments."

Ben gives his music away for free, so make sure you grab both releases. He has been steadily releasing music since February, so make sure to be checking back on his Bandcamp.

For more info, Travis over at Too Many Carpets did an interview with Ben Varian.

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