Thursday, June 28, 2012

Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson is an experimental musician currently residing in St Augustine, Florida. He runs the label Ilse, which has a catalog of over 30 releases and growing. On Ilse web page, Travis Johnson is described as "[the] director/curator of Ilse, plays improvised electroacoustic music using using radios, electromagnetic coils, speaker cones, found objects, electronic circuits, balloons and - occasionally - string instruments... While collaborative improvisation is his main interest, he sometimes enjoys composing at the computer."

Below is a a performane at Hal McGee's apartment in Gainesville, which he describes as "a series of shows featuring performances of minimalist free improvisation, held in a highly intimate setting in my small apartment in Gainesville, on Saturday afternoons".

Travis Johnson has some of his material released through Ilse; you can find some free releases through Control Valve.


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