Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Coolrunnings is an indie band headed by Brandon Biondo and Forrest Ferguson from Knoxville, Tennessee. At one point they performed as an eight-piece and have recently reduced to four members live. Throughout peformances Coolrunnings has shown that they can experiment and pull together some dense jams with a large line up as well as play well-crafted, straight-forward indie rock songs.

Coolrunnings - Redheads

"Redheads" begins as a hushed acoustic ballad that explodes into an eclectic dynamic with watery delay guitar, reoccuring glimpses of sunshiney synths, and floor tom clicks and clacks on a fun rhythm.

Above is a live performance of "Teenage Tennessee" from back in 2010 at the Pilot Light.
Below is the video to "Buffalo" off of their Buffalo EP available on bandcamp.

Brandon has begun to put out Coolrunnings' music and other people's music he enjoys through Dracula Horse, which for now exists soley as a digital/free label. It showcase a variety of music; I've recently taken a great interest in the soundscapes of Dracula Horse's Ave Eva.


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