Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jane Jane Pollock New Self-Title Release

Tallahasee's Jane Jane Pollock has just released a new self-titled album. They played these songs at the Farside this weekend during Total Bummer. With so many bands playing a day, and Jane Jane Pollock being the closing act, they didn't perform until 4:30 am. Their performance was worth the wait. The newly expanded configuration as a five-piece delievered haunting yet upbeat compositions which I found to be characterized by a level of uniqueness that isn't achieved by trying to completely denounce conventional structure, instead holding a relatable form that exists in it's own world.

On bandcamp you can stream four songs from the new album. For more info on Jane Jane Pollock and two songs from their album Tar, check out a previous post on the band.

Angela Jones recently interviewed Jane Jane Pollock on Lighthouse Music's bus after a show during Art Walk. The band discusses their formation, the origin of the band name, their words on their own sound, their overall process, goals and more.

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