Tuesday, March 22, 2011

God Boat - Beautiful Caps

God Boat has just released Beautiful Caps: Sounds From The Country Waters, filled with acoustic guitar, pan flute, glimmery pitched keyboads, and field recordings that create an environment like the album's title suggests.

There is a playful, almost child-like enthusiam and optimistic mood throughout the album. It's like campfire sing-alongs, only during the day, with a lot of sunshine.

Beautiful Caps has an overall outside acousticy vibe, but is made magical with an imaginative arrangement of subtle electronics, definitely crafted to be listened to through headphones. As the album progresses, more fascinating deviatons from typical perceived reality of instruments in an enviornment with a flowingness of instruments away on their own free paths.

God Boat - Warming Lands

God Boat - Caves Were Hot & Something Slowed The Water

Make sure to download the entire album for free off bandcamp; it comes with a booklet of the lyrics. Check out the first God Boat post for two more songs and a more in-depth look.



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