Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mutual Benefit

From Austin, currently based in Boston, Mutual Benefit is a projected headed by Jordan Lee.
On bandcamp, I Saw The Sea is described as:

"A lot of songs have been written about the ocean and now my landlocked brain finally understands why. In those waves I saw beauty, chaos, nothing, infinity. It was overwhelming. We set off to make a nautical funeral of sorts or perhaps a celebration of all things eventually turning to sand. A wabi-sabi beach album for the infinite ocean."

Some of the best textured sounds I've heard. I love the magical world these sounds put you in. At times there is an instant familiarity of structure with a main melody to follow and vocals on top, and at other times there are is a blanket of cosmic glitter in a sonic collage of euphoria.

Jordan also runs Kasette Klub, a digital/cassette label. Stream some of Kassette Klub's releases on bandcamp. Also from Kassette Klub, check out Holy Spirits.

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