Monday, April 11, 2011

Blithe Field

Blithe Field is the project of Spencer Radcliffe currently based in Athens, Ohio. On his release beautiful wave '74, he makes choppy beats covered in dust and vinyl pops, sometimes with samples of people talking, or characterized by a very cut and paste feel of physical instrument textures. On his split with Easily Suede, he strips down his sound a bit, with either guitar or synth leading the song.

Blithe Field - Bible School (via WGWB)

Blithe Field - Wisconsin (via BIRP)

Below is a video of Blithe Field's remix of Baths' "Apologetic Shoulderblades" performed with two samplers.

Blithe Field - Apologetic Shoulderblades (Remix of Baths)

Purchase beautiful wave '74 (and other releases) on bandcamp, or download it for free for free. Order Blithe Field physical releases and t-shirts from Messy Life Records.



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