Saturday, April 9, 2011


(MC)² is the solo project of Michael Collins from the band Prince Rama originally based in Gainesville, Florida. Michael has been back in Gainesville these past few months and has been playing shows non-stop. A lot of his jams are synth ambience and electro beats, with a harmonium that slips almost unnoticeably inbetween the reverb. Last Thursday (MC)² opened up his set playing a song soley on harmonium with vocals. It sounds like an experimental, somewhat modernized Hare Krishna chant. Not exactly by meaing with the repetitive Krishnas and Ramas they chant, but definitely alludes to the sound, landing somewhere in the realm of a new agey, spiritual, primitive vibe.

(MC)² is busy recording and working on a release. I'm sure he'll have something to share in 2011.

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