Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dustin Wong

Dustin Wong is an experimental musician from Baltimore, Maryland. He is a founding member of Ecstatic Sunshine and currently places in four-piece art rock band Ponytail. Last October Dustin Wong released Infinite Love, a piece presumably written for a full orchestra yet performed solely by Wong with a setup consisting basically only of a guitar, looper, and six or so other pedals. The double album is split up into a Brother side and a Sister side. An accompanying DVD allows the listener to choose the course of the experience, beginning the same and eventually taking a few different turns. "Talking Walking Cloud" posted below is a bonus track from Infinite Love.

Dustin Wong - Talking Walking Cloud

Above is a video I filmed at Silent Barn in New York last month on our tour. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Emily Reo, and Dark Sea of Awareness also played that night. Dustin Wong has completely mastered the loop pedal with flawless control and perfectly keeping tempo, each section began with fast paced simple guitar riffs that quickly complexified, with octave, fuzz, delay, and a few other pedals, an organism began growing and with each breath it became larger and larger until suddenly it ceased to exist; the cycle began again in a similar way for the duration of Wong's set.

Make sure to check out Infinite Love through Thrill Jockey, it's a really great album.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nova Joven

Nova Joven is a new band headed by Eamon Ford currently based in Delray Beach, Florida. Not Tuned is a repetitive stirring that hints at sadness, yet an underlying hopeful optimism is almost felt with subtle accompaning melodies dancing around the constant chords. Ghoul'n Around begins as a more straightforward indie pop anthem that ends up retreating to a similar contemplative ambience felt in the aforementioned song. The third song, To The Dirt is guided by Ford's voice and an intricate yet addictively catchy, repetitive guitar melody, overall sounding like a laid-back band practice on a rainy day.

Not tuned by Nova Joven

Ghoul'n around by Nova Joven

To the dirt by Nova Joven


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prince Rama Announce New Album

Prince Rama will be dropping Trust Now, their fifth full-length album, on October 4th again on Animal Collective's Paw Tracks record label.

Tracklisting :

1 - Golden Silence

2 - Incarnation

3 - Portaling

4 - Rest In Peace

5 - Summer of Love

6 - Trust

This was taken from Primavera Sound 2011 this past May in Barcelona. I'm unsure of the title but I assume it will be on Trust Now.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Foot Village

Foot Village is an experimental quartet from LA. With only a drum kit, a megaphone, and a lot of shouting, the band creates a heavy tribal, post-punk, raw acoustic sound. Their sound palette, as well as the theme of their lyrics, is seemingly based on the concept of a post-apocalyptic situation. The cassette version of World Fantasy
was Crash Symbols' first release, where I originally discovered the band. I've been really into them ever since.

Below is a 16 minute journey, "Let Bebongs Be Bongs, Idiot" which will appear on a split with West African group Super Khoumeissa on FatCat Records due July 11th.

A - Foot Village - Let Bebongs Be Bebongs, Idiot by FatCat Records

Taken from FatCat, the band describes the piece as being "about being young and listening to records in the middle of the night with your friends; the type of experience that creates ineffable bonds of friendship while on psychic journeys."

Above is footage of Foot Village's "T.A.K.E." from the album Anti-Magic, with the end of the video trailing into "Bebong". It was shot by Bez Martinen last week in Indio, CA.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Loud Valley

Loud Valley is a folk band from Orlando, Florida. I caught them live back in March at Total Bummer in Tallahassee, Florida. Their set was really remarkable with the energy of six musicians on stage, three part harmonies, and great melodies. Half of the time they teeter on a doo-wap swing influence, while the reverb drenched presence of percussion and vocals could be compared vaguely to modern bands like Fleet Foxes.

A month ago Loud Valley released a video for their track "Daytona Beach", the last track of their self-titled album posted above. Made of spring break footage shot in Florida in 1982.

Also be sure to check out Travis and Artie's side project, Fever.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tree Hopping - Dance Band

Tree Hopping has just released Dance Band, a collection of four live songs redone from The Beat Band and one new one "Nervous" which will be recorded and released on a split with Messy Sparkles. When Gabriel lost his work files for The Beat Band, he had to remake all the different elements of each song in order to play live.

Below, check out a video created by Eddie Roqueta (Forest Clay) of live clips from two Tree Hopping shows for the song "Whatever, Dude".

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