Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nicole Miglis

Nicole Miglis is a folk artist from Gainesville, Florida. She makes blissfully melodic lullabies. When playing live, she plays her songs with an acoustic guitar and sings, and friends sometimes accompany her with vocal harmonies or cello/viola/strings. She also plays flute, piano, and does vocal harmonies for Levek too. Definitely someone to keep an eye on. I can't wait to hear a full length release from her, hopefully it's in the works.

Nicole Miglis - Floating In Space

Nicole Miglis - Dark


Thursday, September 23, 2010

VIDEO: Coma Cinema - Blissed

Today while on No Fear Of Pop I stumbled upon this video directed by Tyler Williams for the song "Blissed" by Coma Cinema. The quality of the footage and the editing really makes this video.



Sumsun Mixtape for Streets Of Beige

Sob.003 Sumsun by Streets Of Beige on Mixcloud

Sumsun's last mixtape was super good. He's just released a new one for bass enthusiasts Streets Of Beige, including tracks by Gold Panda, Off Balance Atlas, Quap, Baths, Kites Sail High, Evenings, Great Beer, Sam Prekop, Teebs, Yuk., Dunian, Simian Mobile Disco, Car Crash Set, The Ruby Suns, Sumsun himself, and his remix of our song "Asipop".

It's a good listen, check it out.

"London // United Kingdom
Bringing the swing and bass of 2009 LA to London spaces, with a dash of NY disco, Streets Of Beige is a venue hopping concept club carving a lone niche.

With a conglomerate of artists veering off onto the beaten track of instrumental hip-hop we decided to launch a night to celebrate the most innovate side of bass music in 2010. Anyone with a taste for Dilla won't be let down.

There'll also be splashes of disco and slo-mo, and some of the hazier cuts that have been bothering blogs lately, along with lashings of experiemental dubstep and the odd house dabble.

And our Mixcloud presence? A regular mix series showcasing some of the best international bass you can imagine. "

~Streets of Beige MixCloud page



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Michelle Blades covers Grizzly Bear

Thanks to our friend Eamon Ford for the heads up on this. While touring in France, Michelle Blades, backed by a choir of friend voices, covered "Alligator" by Grizzly Bear. It's a completely different way to hear the song, I love it. Skip to 48 seconds if you need instant-music-satisfaction.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tree Hopping Album By the End of the Year

tree hopping is 1/3 of Totally Nebular, the solo project of Gabriel Berrios. He has been hard at work on a release titled "The Beat Band". It is an eclectic tropical party with intricate guitar melodies and some super nice vocals.
If you haven't heard of tree hopping, download his "how pragmatic..." release.
I got my hands on two of the new tracks, check them out!!
Gabriel is not the only one of the TN dudes who's been busy. God Boat, the project of Weston Mansfield of TN is releasing an album sometime in October or November. Forest Clay's release is still a long ways away, but it's in the works.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blackbird Blackbird / Emily Reo Collab

Emily Reo has collaborated with bedroom music maker Blackbird Blackbird on two songs, the first which has just been released online. The two come together bringing reverbed ambience from their seperate styles with a sound that is agreeable in terms of melody/feel.

Blackbird Black - Fade To White (ft Emily Reo)

Expect the next one, "Modern Disbelief", to follow behind sometime soon.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Michael Parallax - Mountain

<a href="">Mountain by Michael Parallax</a>

Michael Parallax has this and plenty of more tunes all for free download on bandcamp.



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Multimedia Series: Ostral + The Church of Holy Colors

Ostral is the music project of Tristan Whitehill from Gainesville, Florida. He makes melodic spacey jams that organize into beat grooves then disessmble into intricate melodies that ride out on waves of reverb. There is only one song for listening on his myspace, "milkywaved", but an album is on the way.

He has started collaborating on a video/audio series with Evan Galbicka who runs The Church of Holy Colors in Downtown, Gainesville. Today they released the first in the series, and a new one will follow each day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

WGWB & Friends Volume 3

WHITE GUYS WITH BEARDS just released a new mixtape featuring...

Top Girls, Teen Daze, Evenings, Blackbird Blackbird, Coma Foxes, Closed Cassette, Pandit, Vacation Dad, Craig Cruiser, Persona La Ave, Blackhawks, His Clancyness, Ghost Animal, Dreams, Kiss Kiss Fantastic, Dream Boat, Hear Hums, Police Academy 6, Mickey Mickey Rourke



Sunday, September 12, 2010

Truman Peyote / Attached Hands (Split 7")

Preorder the Truman Peyote/Attached Hands 7" Split now.

Boston's Truman Peyote and our Florida pals Attached Hands are releasing a 7" split with us really soon. Yep, that's the cover art above and the EP will be pressed on super fine colored vinyl. Pre-order is available now and all presale orders get the Mouse Queen / Attached Hands cassette split thrown in for freeal.

Album features 2 songs from each band. The Truman Peyote side also features vocals courtesy of Emily Reo.

~~via Post Records


Saturday, September 11, 2010


SoftSpot is a duo/trio from Brooklyn, New York. I saw them perform at the Civic Media Center in Gainesville as a trio; it was one date of a month-long tour across the east coast. Live they performed with a guitar through a few pedals, another member playing keys, bass, or drums, and a female vocalist who would tap drum sticks around everyone's feet or play ukulele, something like that. Nicely composed songs, definitely a band I'm glad I came across.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

VIDEO: Surfer Blood - Floating Vibes

Surfer Blood just released a video for their song "Floating Vibes", very fun, worth watching.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

(9/3) Lake Underhill House Show

Last Friday, Eamon Ford organized a house show consisting of The Spookfish, Totally Nebular, Emily Reo, Dark Sea of Awareness, and Hear Hums. Good vibrations everywhere, really nice event. Each band played in a different location in the house; everyone moving from space to space was a really interesting element to the night. The Spookfish played in the music room to start the night off. Emily Reo and Dark Sea of Awareness both played in the kitchen. We played in the corner of the screened in patio. Lastly, Totally Nebular played on the opposite side of the patio near the door to the house. Fortunetly, Danny Mcguire filmed some of it.

Above is Emily Reo's set, accompanied by Steve of Dark Sea of Awareness.

Totally Nebular playing some good jams. Always intergrating themselves into the crowd as they play, and a finale of each jumping in the pool.

The power went out during the begining of our set, pretty funny.


Friday, September 3, 2010

The Spookfish

The Spookfish is the project of Dan Goldberg from Brookyln, New York. He makes electroacoustic-ish music with a lofi blend of guitar, keys, and electronic sounds.

The Spookfish - A Million Elephants

Mario's Ghost by thespookfish

There are a lot of other songs recorded by The Spookfish on blogspot, check it out to download more.

Today, The Spookfish is traveling to Orlando to play at the Lake Underhill house show alongside Emily Reo, Totally Nebular, Dark Sea of Awareness, and Hear Hums. If you're in Orlando you should really come, starts at 7pm.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sumsun New Song "Ants" / Announces Album

Leaving Records has just released the first track off of Sumsun's new album Samo Milagro, which is due out October 6th through Moamoo and September 28th through Leaving Records. Sumsun has been brewing these songs for a long time while playing live, so it's really exciting the wait is coming to an end and a date is set for the release.

Sumsun - Ants

"Ants" is a colorful song made up of layered textured ear candies swirling around in euphoria. This will definitely be a really flowly meditative album, but in a way that you could bop your head to if you felt like dancing.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Timothy Gordon Hicks - The Riftless Sift

This past summer, Timothy Gordon Hicks--who's project Mandragora Dream was recently blogged about--made available a release of live ambient jams performed between the months of April and May titled The Riftless Sift. You may find yourself lost in nostalgia and from the first track at least reminded of melodic scales from bands like Explosions In The Sky, but far more ambient and soundscape-like. The rest of the songs follow in a dark, meditative, chant-like manner. At times, the juxaposition of blissfullness and sorrowed strings bleed together achieving a similarity to what was brilliant about Mandragora Dream.

<a href="">Crystal Lake, Broward County by Mandragora Dream</a>

Make sure to download The Riftless Sift because it's free!

His most recent release, released in August of this year, is titled Soundtrack To A Projection Ghost, we'll cover that soon, download it now if you'd like.

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