Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dirty Fist

Dirty Fist! is the brainchild of two girls named Chelsea from Gainesville, Florida. They are accompanied by other acoustic instruments, snare drum, trombone, etc, while they use an accordian and things like banjo, ukulele, etc. Some parts lean more towards a folk/traditional sound while other times it feels very medieval.

Dirty Fist - Mermaids

Dirty Fist - If The Trees

Their roommate Mujahid recorded live performances from Dirty Fist, us, and a band The Royal Tin Foils from a show at Wayward a week or two ago. Their live set is really interesting, somehow finding a meeting ground for folk punk and more experimental/world sounds.

//Check It Out//

For upcoming shows and stuff like that, check out their myspace page.


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