Sunday, October 17, 2010

To All My Dear Friends

To All My Dear Friends is a band composed of Marc Hennessey (violin / guitar loops) and Greg Stull (drums) from Gainesville, Florida. There are some post-rock, indie rock/pop, jive band elements to their sound, with epic builds of guitar, bass, drums, but they fall into their own category by being the backing to amazing violin melodies. Vocals are used sparingly and reminds of Dirty Projectors or something, really nice. If you were into Mandragora Dream, this may be for you.

To All My Dear Friends - In Bearings
To All My Dear Friends - Invasion From Above

Upcoming Shows
Oct 20 2010
Gainesville Farmer's Market Gainesville, FL

Oct 22 2010
Kickin' Devil Cafe Gainesville, Florida

Oct 23 2010
Bloodmoon Fest St. Augustine, FL


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