Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dark Sea Of Awareness - Digital Magic

Yesterday, Dark Sea Of Awareness' album Digital Magic was released digitally through FMLY Records. Below is taken directly from thefmly's site, the album is free so make sure to download it! We just had Dark Sea come up to play a show in Gainesville at The Church of Holy Colors and everytime I'm blown away. He was accompanied by Henry of Attached Hands and supposedly they are starting a project called Temples, something to look for in the near future.

Dark Sea Of Awareness - Mountain Grime (via thefmly)

Dark Sea Of Awareness - Mega Dance Party (via thefmly)

"Ascending the lessons we learned from IDM in the 90s, Orlando’s Dark Sea Of Awareness surpasses the intensity of his name with delightful ambient ballads and a strong support of good taste of pop sensibility. The sounds of the energy flow in batteries charging are evident throughout DSoA’s 10track self-titled release, and his live shows are no less than transcending whether they take place in your pal’s living room or inside of a bike shop. Though powerful enough to move a mass of observers, these jams are subtle in their introversion and although I recommend taking them to a park with your buds on a sunny day I first advise taking this record on a bike ride – and make sure to bring your good headphones. Ringing a delicate balance in the weight these sounds carry, listen loud and let your mind absorb nostalgic rich tonality. "



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