Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Action Sound Painting Orchestra

Christopher Miller (Electronic Sub South) just put on Solder VII Electronic Music Fest, highlighting different experimental artists from Gainesville, two nights long. One performance, conducted by Hal McGee, was around a 20 piece "noise" improv called Action Sound Painting Orchestra. A lot of the artist who played those two nights in their own bands were a part of this performance. Part one is above and part two is below.



Solder VII was made up of Action Sound Painting Orchestra, Hear Hums, Michael Parallax, minim, NEuBoRN, Perspectives, The Viirus, Diamonds Guns Gold, Dubbio Nil, He Dog, Ironing with Hal McGee, Ostral, Roamajou, Spirit Tramp, and Tribreasted Nun.

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